Saturday, September 8, 2012

THE LAST TEMPTATION - a Carl Brookins Review

Carl Brookins is one of my favorite reviewers; he gives books a thorough reading and honest reviews. I often post his reviews here, and I'm happy to be posting his review of my novel.

The Last Temptation
by Gerrie Ferris Finger
ISBN: 978-1-4328-2589-8
A 2012 hard cover release
from Five Star, Gale. 367 pages

Retired cop and owner of an investigative service called Child Trace, Moriah Dru, is an intriguing mix of highly aware, slightly cynical, and romantic at her core. She's in love with her ex-partner, a Lieutenant of Police in Atlanta, Georgia. She traces lost children. He, Lieutenant Richard Lake, traces murderers. When their cases intersect, mayhem sometimes ensues, sparks fly and the bad guys, if they're smart, go somewhere else.

Local brilliant academician, Bradley Whitney, has joint custody of his young daughter, Linley. Her mother, Whitney's ex-wife, is still struggling with addiction, but institutes proceedings for full custody. When the girl fails to turn up on a flight back to Atlanta from Palm Springs, the court hires Dru to find and retrieve her. In Palm Springs, Dru discovers that both the girl and her mother are missing. A lot of people seem to know parts of the story and aren't willing to talk to Dru. By this time there have been several brutal murders in Atlanta that have Lake's attention and Dru's old, Saab has been blown up. Connections? Not immediately apparent.

This is a tautly constructed, tightly written, punchy novel of horrific crime, family entanglements, love and sex, loss and reconnection. The protagonist is a fascinating, flawed, woman with substantial skills and attitudes. The story flows logically from a series of disparate violent events and the presentation of pieces of evidence that eventually all come together.Although the events described are mostly difficult, this is at its center, a life-affirming novel that will leave readers completely satisfied and waiting for the next story from this excellent writer.

Carl Brookins
Case of the Great Train Robbery, Reunion, Red Sky

Thanks, Carl!