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Preview: MURMURS OF INSANITY -- 4th in the Nationally Award-Winning Series -- released July 16

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Murmurs of Insanity
A Moriah Dru/Richard Lake Mystery
by Gerrie Ferris Finger
Teen Johndro Phillips is missing after witnessing a drug deal turn to murder in his Atlanta nighborhood. Johndro is a spotter and runner for drug lord Devus Dontel “Big DD” McFersen, who was acquitted when Johndro couldn’t testify against himself.

Lake asks Dru to talk to his ex-wife, Linda. Seems her half-brother’s predilection for young women has gotten him mixed up with the student art community, two of whom go missing. Damian Hansel, his friend Arne Trammel and the mysterious Cho Martine devised a Conceptual Art Performance to shake up the tranquil community. Articles of Damian's turn up on nature trails, and, absent a body, the police think it's a treasure hunt scheme concocted by bored students. Dru thinks not.

From Five Star/Cengage

"The Home of Rising Stars in Today’s Fiction

Gerrie Ferris Finger is a retired journalist and author of several novels, three published in the Moriah Dru/Richard Lake series: The End Game, The Last Temptation and The Devil Laughed. Murmurs of Insanity is the third in the series published by Five Star. 

“A hunt for two young sisters propels Finger’s compelling if at times sobering debut, which
won the 2009 Malice Domestic Best First Traditional Mystery Novel Competition . . . A wellresearched plot and snappy dialogue — plus some fine rail-yard K-9 detecting by Buddy, a German shepherd, and Jed, a Labrador retriever — keep the action moving."
Publishers Weekly on The End Game

“When 12-year-old Kinley Whitney and her mother vanish in the midst of a contentious custody fight between her divorced parents, Judge Portia Devon appoints ex-cop Moriah Dru, who specializes in finding missing children, to locate Kinley. The mother, Eileen Cameron, has a history of drug problems, whereas the professor father, Bradley Whitney, has unexplained sources of wealth and ties to a mysterious men’s club in Atlanta.”
Publishers Weekly on The Last Temptation"

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