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WHISPERING - a Night Owl Top Reviewer Pick

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Score: 4.50 / 5 - Reviewer Top Pick

I love reading historical romance and mysteries set in the past, but I have never had a story so utterly transport me to another time and place as Gerrie Ferris Finger's WHISPERING.

The author manages to perfectly capture a sense of the past, in this case the 1920s, by writing with careful attention to the language the characters use, the descriptions of their clothing and the historical events that impact them, such as the effect of World War I.

In the story, interesting and independent heroine Cleo Snow travels with her cousin to Sago Island, Georgia. The trip is meant to be a vacation of sorts from her work as a nurse and a chance to get past the grief she feels over losing her fiance in The Great War

Upon arriving at the palatial home of her cousin's friend, Graham Henry, Cleo is struck with an instant attraction to the smooth-talking former fly boy. When a woman disappears from the island, claiming she'd been having an affair with Graham, Cleo sets about to solve the mystery of the woman's disappearance. Island resident, vet and falconer Doc Holliday, is another source of attraction and a bit of mystery for Cleo.

Cleo is an utterly charming heroine, intelligent and curious about every new experience. She comes to the island with personal wounds, but a cunning and perceptive eye that helps her to discover the secrets of its residents. Most impressive, after great loss, she has the courage to risk her heart again. The ending of the story gives me hope that there are more Cleo Snow stories to come, and I can't wait. WHISPERING is the perfect blend of romance, suspense and a vivid historical setting.

Jan 26, 2012

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