Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Being Out There

Online promotion is a tool in the writer's marketing kit. When you're new at publishing, it helps to get your name out there; when you're an old hand, it helps to remind people that you're still out there.  

Web promo doesn't feel like promo to me. I sit at my desk and still enjoy the company of friends on Google+, DorothyL, Crimescene Writers, Sisters in Crime, Facebook, Twitter, GoodReads, Library Thing, Tumblr, Pinterest. I enjoy blogging and reading others' blogs. 
One cannot live by writing alone, or I can't. But I have to limit myself to two hours online per day, or less, before getting to the business of editing and writing. That includes writing blogs like this one. Sometimes in the evening, I'll get on Facebook where a different group of friends have gathered.

It's promotion, but it isn't. It's like talking to a friend on the telephone about your day, the weather, the books and films you like, and, oh by the way, your own books. It's not at all like meeting people at public at events where you talk solely about your books (and the creation thereof) or sign them for those who buy. I can't put a two-hour max on these appearances, all of which take me out of writing and editing   
Thanks for reading and I'd like your comments.

Gerrie Ferris Finger
Running with Wild Blood - Jan. 2015.