Monday, September 20, 2010


I like mystery festivals and conventions that are close to my home on the east coast. I've become a regular at the Malice Domestic Fan Convention in Crystal City, near D. C. This year it's in Bethesda, Md.

I don't like to fly, particularly now that seats are getting smaller and overhangs nearly touch my head. I'm claustrophobic that way, and passengers and flight attendants do not need to deal with the possibility of me running down the aisle screaming in panic. Used to be, you could drink your way to your destination and feel no fear. Not so today.

That means I won't be going to San Francisco, a city I love, this year for Bouchercon. It's the grandest mystery writer/reader convention, but I'm sticking to the eastern part of the U. S.

So, I signed up to attend, and be part of, the Cape Fear Crime Festival as a panelist.

This from their website:

On Saturday, Feburary 5, 2011, the Cape Fear Crime Festival returns to Wilmington, North Carolina.

Once again, murder and mayhem wil take over the Northeast Branch of the New Hanover County Library, 1241 Military Cutoff Road, Wilmington, NC 28405.

There will be author events free to Wilmington readers, and book sales provided by Two Sisters Bookery of Wilmington.

Check the website to see which authors are attending.

Gerrie Ferris Finger