Sunday, August 11, 2013

Alexander the Great's Words of Wisdom

A friend sent this to me and I want to share with you:
On June 10, 323 BC, Alexander the Great died of fever in Babylon
after battling illness for several days. He had conquered the Persian Empire,
traveled farther east than the god Dionysus, and survived a multitude of war
wounds. Alexander left no clear successor, though he had a son, Heracles, and
another child on the way by his Bactrian wife, Roxane.


 On his death bed, Alexander summoned his generals and told them his three ultimate wishes:

 1. The best doctors should carry his coffin; ...

 2. The wealth he has accumulated (money, gold, precious stones.) should be scattered along the procession to the cemetery.

 3. His hands should be let loose, hanging outside the coffin for all to see!!

 One of his generals who was surprised by these unusual requests asked Alexander to explain. Here is what Alexander the Great had to say:

 1. I want the best doctors to carry my coffin to demonstrate that, in the face of death, even the best doctors in the world have no power to heal;

 2. I want the road to be covered with my treasure so that everybody sees that material wealth acquired on earth, stays on earth...

 3. I want my hands to swing in the wind, so that people understand that we come to this world empty handed and we leave this world empty handed after the most precious treasure of all is exhausted, and that is TIME.

 4. We do not take to our grave any material wealth . TIME is our most precious treasure because it is LIMITED. We can produce more wealth, but we cannot produce more time.

 5. When we give someone our time, we actually give a portion of our life that we will never take back. Our time is our life!

 6. The best present that you can give to your family and friends is your TIME. *May God grant you plenty of TIME and may you have the wisdom to give it away so that you can LIVE, LOVE and DIE in peace.

All the best,

Gerrie Ferris Finger
THE DEVIL LAUGHED Released Aug. 21 2013