Friday, August 2, 2013


An unpopular archeologist is murdered at his dig in the dead of night. The killer’s narcissistic mind cloaks the cowardly crime. Now Ann Gavrion must use unworldly methods to unmask the murderer.

After Ann’s voyage on THE GHOST SHIP, her tumultuous relationship with Rod Curator settles into a love affair. She moves from Atlanta to Hatteras Island and becomes an unofficial partner with Rod in his duties as a marine biologist for the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration.
She helps him save stranded whales and fights alongside him against bullies protesting the controversial beach closing laws designed to protect shore birds and turtle nests.

And she ducks when bullets fly.

She's beautiful, she's found the perfect mate along with her calling. There's just one flaw. The sea, or the ghost--she's not sure which--gave her the gift of telepathy. She'd return it, if only she could.
Nevertheless, she's certainly not relying on the cursed gift as her only weapon to unmask a murderer.

She’s taking gun lessons.

Happy Reading,

Gerrie Ferris Finger