Friday, May 28, 2010


I'm fond of saying I never missed a deadline. Up until now. For the twenty years I spent at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, I never missed a deadline. Since I'm retired, that will always be true.

Desert Breeze publishes my ebook romantic suspense novels, and for two of them, WHEN SERPENTS DIE and HONORED DAUGHTERS, I got my copy in on time.
Then comes WAGON DOGS, my upcoming 2010 Fall release.
My editor, Gail Delaney, sent an email reminding authors with September releases that copy was due June 1.
Why, I wondered, was Gail sending this to me? My third book wasn't due out until October, which meant I didn't have to get it to her until July 1.
So, I looked for my contract and couldn't find it. But I shot off an email anyway, saying I'm not due out until October.
Gail replied. You are on the schedule for September.
When I found my contract, it was dated October 2009. And Gail went on to remind me that HONORED DAUGHTERS had been released in October 2009. That must have been the problem. October on the brain.
Whatever. I missed a deadline. No way could I get the novel ready in five days.
Gail, being the complete editor that she is, said she'd check with other authors to see if someone could help me out.
And to the rescue comes Melanie Atkins. She had her romantic suspense (same genre as mine) manuscript ready for its October release ahead of time and was delighted to switch months with me. (Bet she never loses her keys, either.)
Thank you Gail and thank you Melanie.
Look at these wonderful covers. You know there's a fabulous story inside. I highly recommend CHERISHED WITNESS, CHOSEN TARGET and PRIME SUSPECT. They are available (along with mine, aforementioned) on the Desert Breeze website store.

By the way, Desert Breeze Publishing will be open for submissions on July 1. Check the website at