Monday, May 17, 2010


Gerrie Ferris Finger
Minotaur Books
Child Trace, Inc. is a private firm devoted to missing children.

Created by Moriah Dru after she leaves the Atlanta PD, the company has been gaining recognition and momentum since it’s beginning. All of Moriah’s efforts are paying off and she’s become the go-to investigator in cases involving kids.

This latest case that she’s been called in on may turn out to be her most difficult yet. Two sisters are missing after their foster parents have been killed in a devastating house fire. Arson is the cause and Moriah has to wonder if the kids were the target all along.

Working alongside her former partner and current lover, Detective Rick Lake, Moriah knows that time is not on her side in this investigation. The suspect list is long and continues to grow as every minute passes, and when Moriah discovers the real reason behind the kidnapping, things get even worse.

Gerrie Ferris Finger’s first in this new series is a fast-pace and totally gripping story. It’s also a darker mystery that will appeal to readers across the mystery genre.
05/10 Becky Lejeune
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