Friday, March 19, 2010


Happy Friday!

It's here, at last. My blog tour.

I thought about hiring a blog tour company to help me promote my debut mystery, The End Game. They'd do all the work. Contact the hosts, set the dates, let me know if I'm going to write an essay or do a conversation with the host. They'd charge me for this, but not a lot in the scheme of promotions.

I decided, however, to contact my favorite blog sites and ask the hosts if I might "drop by" as a guest. I'm happy to say these busy hosts have rolled out the red carpet for me. I'll reciprocate with each and host their blog tour.

Guest blogging is an interesting and delightful way to learn about people you don't know, and connect with those you've come to know through reading their thoughts and experiences.

My blog tour kicked off with Peg Herring's Sweet Mystery.

Drop in and read what I have to say. Start a conversation with me by commenting.