Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I wrote earlier this month about making a book video trailer for The End Game.

The mystery novel is loaded with action, so why not, I thought.

I contacted several companies and found that, at this point in my mystery fiction career, I'm better off spending the money (it's expensive, folks) on other promotions.

Book trailers, I learned, are for already famous writers. Think of it like this: You see the preview of a motion picture. You know the stars; you like them. They've never disappointed, or if they have, not overly so. So, when the movie comes to your theatre, you plunk down your cash to see the entire film.

But say you don't know who the stars are, are you as apt to separate yourself from your cash? Which, these days, no one seems to have an abundance of.

So, no book trailer for me, this time.

But I will one day. The sequel to The End Game, The Last Temptation has just as much action, maybe more, and, because you read The End Game , you won't think twice about parting with your bucks to buy the book.